Automotive Brake Repair Ft Washington

Keeping You Safe on the Road

Brakes are an incredibly important aspect of your vehicle. If they start to wear or become worn out, it cannot only cause damage to your car but your life, as well as others’ lives, may be in danger. Routine brake inspections are ideal to ensure nothing bad happens to you and/or your vehicle. If you believe your car’s brakes need to be replaced, bring it to German Auto Performance! Our master certified mechanics have more than 60+ years of combined experience and can help resolve your vehicle problems.

Signs you need to replace your brakes can include the following:

  • The brake pads are thin
  • Your brake pedal is vibrating
  • Your brakes grind when applied
  • Your brakes screech when applied
  • Your brakes click when you press them

If you are experiencing any of these sounds or problems when braking, please come by German Auto Performance. All our services are completely affordable and we always beat dealership pricing. Contact Us at 240-348-7758. to schedule your appointment!