Vehicle Electrical Diagnostics Ft Washington

Is Your Computer System Malfunctioning?

As a car owner, you may encounter a myriad of problems throughout the life of your vehicle, such as transmission and electrical problems. While some issues are easy to fix, some, if left unrepaired for a certain amount of time, can cause major damage to your car. If your car is having electrical problems, you can trust us at German Auto Performance to diagnose and repair said issues as quickly as possible.

Signs your car is experiencing electrical problems can include:

  • It won’t start
  • Your headlights dim while you slow down or stop
  • You hear a clicking or grinding noise when you start your vehicle
  • The interior and/or dashboard lights do not light up at all or bright enough

Regardless of the make and model of your car, our Ft. Washington mechanics can repair it. While we specialize in German vehicles, we have experience with numerous vehicle makes and models. All our prices are fair and much lower than dealership pricing, so contact us at 240-348-7758. to learn just how affordable our services are.